What are Pull Payment Contracts?

PullContracts are smart contracts that represent a payment relationship between Accounts and facilitate the transfer of tokens between them.

PullContracts are designed with flexibility and can be implemented to allow many different payment mechanisms and features. These contracts allow businesses to develop their own billing methodologies through the Contract, present it to the user, authenticate the transaction before execution, and transmit it for execution on the blockchain.

The PullContract supports an advanced “pull” payment mechanism, which allows users to not only “push” their transferred cryptocurrency to other wallets, but also initiate a ‘pull-transaction’ from another Account after prior authorization has been given.

While PullContracts can be created with original code, they can be built modularly from a pre-existing set of Authorizers. This enables the chaining together of different functionalities into one contract. Authorizers can be vetted and are less likely to include security issues in their implementations.

Pull contracts can be created and deployed with a variety of parameters. Any deployment of a PullContract will include a hash of these parameters and these will be checked when a pull request is made to ensure the hash of the pre-defined parameters matches that of the pull request.

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