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PumaPay Relaunches Its Bounty Program!

Great news for all crypto bounty hunters out there! PumaPay Bounty Program is back, bigger and better than before. Kicking off NOW, it will run until June 30, 2018! Sometimes, if you wish upon a star and share your dreams with the community, they will eventually come true. In response to your positive reaction on our main social media channels, we have decided to honor your call. Here's the new PumaPay Bounty thread on Bitcointalk.

The aim of the Bounty Program is to reward you, active members of the PumaPay Community for your effort to spread PumaPay's word with your community and raise awareness about our primary mission to lay the basis for a new payment system. $200K worth of PMA tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Pool, and the bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

As usual, stakes will be paid according to the number of followers you have. This time around, we’re adding two new platforms: LinkedIn and Steemit. So, now you can leverage your exposure on these two channels.

If you're an active LinkedIn user, all you need to do is get your content in front of professionals from different lines of industry, and PumaPay will reward you for it. Take it up another notch on Steemit and engage with as many crypto peeps as you can by doing what you love and get rewarded with PumaPay tokens!

Without further ado, let us know your thoughts or questions in the PumaPay bounty thread or PumaPay’s dedicated Telegram Bounty group, and may the bounties flow!



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