Blockchain Based Pay Per Minute with PumaPay

PumaPay pull payment use cases- Instant Pay Per Use

PumaPay offers a blockchain-based payment mechanism that enables the customer to consume a service before the processing is finalized and when the sum cannot be predicted/defined in advance. The processing sum is calculated in retrospect, according to a rate based on a fixed mutually accepted consumption unit (pay per minute rate for example).

This contract is based on a state channel protocol, which allows fast-paced confirmations on consumed minutes. The contract will ensure that a limited sum of tokens will be secured before the consumption of the service. While service is given, the Protocol will add the accumulating sums every predefined duration, and after actual usage the overall sum will be processed on the blockchain, and the remaining will be automatically returned to the customer's wallet. If a customer chooses a combination of instant pay-per-use and a refill plan, this will enable them to enjoy the service without having to disconnect once the payment they have secured in the contract runs out.

Example- Expert Advice

John is a dietician and give live consultancy services over the Internet. He enables his service with PumaPay.

Prior to session commencement, a predetermined deposit amount of PumaPay Tokens will be captured via a PullContract that John send to his customer using a QR code.

After the customer accepts the PullContract, John can start the session.

Throughout the session and upon use, the PullContract keeps note of minutes used;

using a state channel protocol, the platform shall confirm every 15 seconds that the session is still active and the customer has enough PumaPay Tokens.
When the session ends, the smart contract transfers the portion consumed from the captured amount to the business and any surplus would be automatically released to the customer.

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